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I'm brave but I'm chickenshit

I'm sick but I'm pretty baby

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it's just my imagination


=] Je t'aime
acid, alice in wonderland, ani difranco, animals, annette bening, art, asphyxia, blindfolds, borderline personality disorder, bpd, brazilian girls, but i'm a cheerleader, catherine deneuve, cathy moriarty, clear static, controversy, cupcakes, dana scully, dark chocolate, devious, digital rebel, donnie darko, dope, dresden dolls, drugs, edie brickell, emma peel, erotic asphyxiation, fanfiction, fanny ardant, faye dunaway, felicity huffman, fetish photography, french actresses, french cinema, garbage, gillian anderson, goldfrapp, gossip girl, green tea, greta garbo, hair dye, helen mirren, heroes, high heels, hole, holga, hot tea, hot teachers, house, huddy, hugh laurie, iced tea, indie flicks, insanity, irina derevko, isabella rossellini, isabelle huppert, j/7, janeway/seven, jennifer beals, jennifer saunders, jill sobule, joints, kate mulgrew, kathryn janeway, killola, la pianiste, lena olin, lesbians, lily tomlin, lisa edelstein, m.i.a, ma mere, marijuana, mary mcdonnell, mary-louise parker, meredith brooks, meryl streep, metric, miranda richardson, mona demarkov, msi, music, my cameras, my itouch, natalie merchant, nip tuck, no doubt, older women, pain, paramore, parker posey, paula cole, peaches, photography, pin-ups, pj harvey, placebo, poe, pogo, portishead, pot, real hot chocolate, red heads, red hot chili peppers, reefer, rent, rita skeeter, sarah waters, sex, she wants revenge, shiny toy guns, shirley manson, sigourney weaver, sleater-kinney, smashing pumpkins, smoking pot, star trek:voyager, stilettos, talking heads, tbs, teacher crushes, tegan & sara, tegan and sara, the avengers, the cranberries, the l word, the murmurs, the offspring, the pretenders, the x-files, they might be giants, tilda swinton, tori amos, tracy bonham, transister, uh huh her, veruca salt, violent femmes